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Why Space to Heal?

A space for you to heal from the challenges of life. A space for you to feel open and free, a space that can hold whatever you bring, without fear of judgment.

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Who's Feeling My Vibe:

Working with women, especially mothers, who have experienced trauma or whose children have experienced trauma, and women struggling with anxiety, is foremost in my practice. As a woman and mother myself, I understand the needs of our children, partners, family, and career can overwhelm us and cause us to put our own needs and wants aside. As a counselor, I want to be that voice in a woman’s head that helps her find her confidence and boldness to push past her supposed limits and upgrade herself!

Though I have worked with children, teens, and men, I choose to focus my practice on women because I believe investments in women’s health and wellbeing are investments in the community.

How I Rock:

You’re stronger than you think! I want to draw out those strengths so you can be your best self. I am supportive of your struggles and fears, and I will also challenge you to smash those fears and deconstruct the obstacles that seem to stand in your way. I won’t be passive or allow you to be passive about overcoming your unique challenges. No sitting back and asking you, “So how does that make you feel?” We’re going to unpack your life experiences together.

My Cred:

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Masters in Clinical Mental Health and a specialization in School Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy. I have over ten years of experience in the mental health field working with diverse populations including serving as a Certified Rape Crisis Advocate, providing juvenile sex offender assessments to determine the risk of reoffending, and, in court, advocating for clients and providing court documentation. I have collaborated with legal parties and education officials at all levels.

Milwaukee, WI 53214
832.947.HOPE (4673)

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